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Table tops for Desperados bar tables with logo, the logo was sprayed on with a Grafitty stencil

Table tops for Desperados barrel tables, the special feature of this sprayed logo is that the edge around the logo is sprayed without a template because it is not possible to spray two identical edges free hand, each table top becomes a unique specimen. The production of these table tops is very complex and requires twelve work steps. A stencil for spraying on a logo is also called a Grafitty stencil. The spraying of a logo is very inexpensive, because you don't need a machine, it is fast and you can use a stencil unlimited often. can be sprayed on the upper and lower side of the table and bench tops. A marking with a template on the front or back is also very suitable for marking property because you can recognize your furniture from the marking again.

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Tabletops for Desperados standing tables Applying bar table tops with a stencil Logo

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