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Table tops individual

High quality three-layer plates for bar tables, table sets, pub tables, and picnic table sets, in real brewery quality directly from the manufacturer buy

For some years now we have been using only three-layer natural wood panels for our marquee sets and bar tables with wooden panels.

The advantages speak for themselves. We can guarantee that our three-layer natural wood panels will not break even after 5 years.

Compared to normally glued panels, our panels offer:

  • significantly higher gluing quality
  • higher dimensional stability when used outdoors
  • significantly higher dimensional accuracy
  • very high loading capacity lengthwise and crosswise (unbreakable)
  • good durability of screws and fittings
  • lower weight, as lower material thicknesses can be used for the same durability.

Spruce wood panels for table sets, pub tables, picnic tables and bar tables and round tables with different surfaces.

Table sets with spruce wood

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Wood colour walnut, ebony, clear lacquered and teak

Colour examples for our three-layer spruce wood panels for table sets, pub tables, picnic table sets, round tables, bar tables and stools. Top left in the picture walnut, top right ebony, bottom left colourless varnished and bottom right teak. Click on the picture to see more colours. Basically almost all RAL colours are possible in our production.

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Glazes on Douglas fir

different colours for table sets, pub tables, picnic tables, stools, round tables and bar tables

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left top agate grey right top nature
left bottom zinc yellow, right bottom silver

The wood of the Douglas fir is naturally reddish, because glazes are not opaque, the wood under the glaze always remains visible. Colours such as red, yellow and orange are very strongly coloured in Douglas fir, silver only leaves a slight shimmer and anthracite is almost opaque. In the detailed view you will find some examples of how the individual glazes affect Douglas fir.

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Table tops for high tables made of polyethylene

Three different tabletops for high tables

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Weatherproof table tops for high tables made of polyethylene

Table tops 80 cm made of polyethylene for bar tables and small rotary tables are very popular in gastronomy and tent rental. These table tops are absolutely unbreakable and weatherproof. An all-year use in the outside area is no problem at all. The edges are rounded and the surface has a very smooth fine grinding. In the view you will find three different colour variants, which are available immediately from stock. Special colours on order are also possible and can also be delivered promptly.

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Oiled Douglas fir wood

Douglas fir oiled for particularly high-quality
marquee sets and bar tables

marquee sets from genuine Douglas fir wood are special high-quality, because Douglas fir wood is more stable and scratch-resistant than the usual wood types used for the production of marquee sets

Douglas fir wood is not a colour example, but a wood species in its natural colour. The colour examples below for our marquee sets and bar tables with wooden tops are all thin-layer glazes on spruce wood.

Thin film glaze teak

Teak wood color
Wood colour teak

The wood colour teak, just like the wood colour oregon pine, consists of brown and orange pigments. With the colour teak, however, predominantly brown colour pigments. This colour can be described as light brown.

You have to look very closely to distinguish Douglas fir wood oiled from spruce wood with teak wood surface but as already mentioned the glaze consists of orange and brown pigments and the colour red is completely missing. The red part shows the Douglas fir wood.

Thin layer glaze ebony light

Wood color ebony light
Wood colour ebony light

Thin-layer glaze Ebony light is produced by applying thin-layer glaze twice, once with dye, twice without dye. Two coats of dye create the colour ebony and three coats create the colour ebony dark.

Wood colour ebony ( medium )

wood color ebony
Wood colour ebony medium

thin-layer glaze with ebony wood colour, this wood colour is obtained by applying a thin-layer glaze twice with a colourant.

Thin layer glaze ebony dark

wood color ebony dark
Dark ebony wood colour

Thin-layer glaze Ebony dark is created by applying thin-layer glaze with dye three times. One could also apply further layers and the surface would be smoother and smoother, then no longer open-pored and corresponds to a painting with boat paint.

Thin film glaze Mahogany

Wood color mahogany
wood color mahogany

As with robinia wood, there are many types of mahogany, with different red and brown wood colors. The American Mahogany has a reddish color and is called the real Mahogany. Our mahogany glaze has been adapted to this colour.

Thin film glaze Oregon Pine

wood color Oregon Pine
Wood color Oregon Pine

The shade Oregon Pine was formerly called pine and consists mainly of orange and brown pigments. However, orange clearly predominates. This colour shade comes very close to the classic orange-coloured varnishes of table sets, pub tables, picnic tables, but has the advantage as a thin-layer glaze, however, that this thin-layer glaze is best suited for bar tables and table sets, pub tables, picnic tables and never peels off.

Thin layer glaze Robinia

Wood color robinia
wood color Robinia

On the picture you see a glaze example, the thin layer glaze adapted by us to Robinia wood, on spruce wood and for comparison below on the same photo, under the same light conditions, a newcomer of our garden furniture, made of real natural coloured Robinia wood. Due to the different absorbency of the natural wood colour and structure of the different types of wood, a 100 percent adaptation of the wooden plates of our table sets, pub tables, picnic tables and bar tables is not possible.

Thin film glaze Rio Rosewood

wood color Rio rosewood
Wood color Rio rosewood

Table sets, pub tables, picnic tables in the wood colour Rio Rosewood were the first table sets, pub tables, picnic tables we manufactured with a thin layer glaze coated wood surface. This colour is internally called Ripala by us.

The colour pigment of this glaze is chocolate brown and a spruce wood panel treated twice with this glaze looks deceptively similar to real Rio rosewood.

Thin layer glaze fir green

wood color fir green
Wood colour fir green

The fir green thin layer glaze contains colour pigments, approximately RAL6005, but is very poorly covering. Firs have no green wood, why the manufacturer Alfred Clouth Lackfabrik calls this shade fir green is inexplicable to us.

thin layer glaze walnut dark

glaze example walnut dark for table sets, pub tables, picnic tables wood colour walnut
Wood colour walnut dark

dark walnut wood colour is achieved by applying Clousil thin-layer glaze three times. An intermediate sanding is carried out after each glazing pass. Because each layer receives an intermediate sanding, the surface becomes slightly shiny.

Thin layer glaze walnut

glaze example for table sets, pub tables, picnic tables wood colour walnut
Wood colour walnut

The pictured glaze example, for the wooden plates of our bar tables and table sets, pub tables, picnic tables, was glazed twice, including intermediate sanding, with walnut-coloured thin-layer glaze and is called walnut by us. One treatment with the colour walnut + intermediate sanding, followed by the second treatment with colourless glaze, has the designation walnut light and is approx. 20% lighter. A three times treatment with the colour walnut, with two times intermediate sanding, is called walnut dark.

Thin layer glaze walnut light

glaze example for table-sets wood colour walnut light
Wood colour walnut light

Our thin layer glaze is applied at least twice with intermediate sanding. The shade walnut light is created when the first coat is colored with pigments and the second coat is colorless, when only the first coat contains colorant then the grain is particularly emphasized. It can also happen that individual boards take on different colors.

Thin layer glaze oak

glaze example oak for table sets, pub tables, picnic tables
Wood colour oak

The wooden boards for our table sets, pub tables, picnic tables and bar tables can also be glazed in oak. The brightness and the pigmentation of oak and teak are almost identical, the pigments of teak are brown and orange, the same is true for oak, only a little green is added.

thin film glaze white

Wood color white
Wood colour white

White colour pigments are the highest-quality UV blocker and it can be assumed that light and above all white glazed bar tables and table sets, pub tables, picnic tables heat up the least in the sun and that cracking due to extreme drying out in the sun is therefore considerably less.

thin layer glaze anthracite grey

wood colour anthracite grey RAL7016
wood colour anthracite grey RAL7016

The picture shows a glaze example for our table sets, pub tables, picnic tables and bar tables with three-layer spruce wood top in anthracite grey RAL 7016.

Round table- and stool tops

Round tabletops
rotary table tops

Three-layer natural wood panels round 34 cm - 200 cm x 2.7 m.
Our standard sizes for tables:

  • 200 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 120 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 80 cm

For stool

  • 34 cm
  • 39,5 cm

Painting the displayed objects with boat paint.

Various polyethylene sheets

Color examples for polyethylene sheets
Color examples for polyethylene sheets

Polyethylene sheets PE-500 plain or coloured, with coarse or fine marbling. Weather-resistant and highly resilient. We do not use polyethylene sheets with a diameter of more than 80 cm, because they are very unwieldy due to their high weight. Large PE sheets of 100 cm bend under very strong sunlight, especially with dark colour patterns, because these become very hot in the sun.

Our standard glaze colours for wood panels made of Douglas fir or spruce without surcharge

  • Ebony
  • Rio rosewood. Corresponds to RAL 8017
  • walnut
  • Teak
  • Oregon Pine
  • Mahogany
  • oak
  • white 3 X glazed. Attention white becomes a little reddish with Douglas fir
  • Fir green
  • RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. Strong coloring becomes almost opaque
  • Nature or colourless glaze. Attention colourless glazes have no UV protection.
  • Achat grey RAL 7038
  • Granite grey RAL 7026
  • zinc yellow RAL 1018
  • Clear lacquered, attention: no glaze but colourless lacquering with two-component furniture lacquer.

Please note that the glaze colours of spruce and Douglas fir can vary and that the wood structure always remains visible.