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Advertising prints on pub tables, pub benches, picnic tables, tent sets. bar tables, stools and round tables! We are happy to use your brand stamp or template.

Standing tables, tent sets and festival tent sets in real brewery quality can be delivered by us with advertising

Here some application examples. There are virtually no limits to the imagination as long as it does not infringe trademark protection. We will be happy to advise you on how to implement individual designs on tables and benches as high-quality and inexpensive as possible.

Short marquee set Jim Beam

Picnic table with Jim Beam Logo

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Picnic table set Jim Beam black lacquered with screen print

Short marquee set black lacquered
with screen printing. The 27cm wide benches have a square logo with 24cm diameter and the table has a square logo with 32cm diameter. In order to achieve 100% coverage, the marquee set was painted three times with black two-component lacquer. The white screen printing ink is also two-component and cannot be removed again.

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  • Seats: 4 persons
  • Length: 110cm
  • Bench width: 27cm
  • Table height: 77,5cm
  • Table width: 50cm

Standing tables with screen printing on white glazed three-ply wooden panel

standing tables screen printing THW

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Screen printing on three-layer table tops
made of wood for bar tables and bistro tables

The table tops of our high tables can be printed individually. It does not matter whether the table top is varnished or glazed, even raw wood can be printed with screen printing. With lacquering after the screen printing the entire plate is sealed again with clear lacquer to prevent scratching off, unfortunately one has again and again guests who have to scratch on it with the fingernail, the fingernail is not enough then a knife is taken. This is not necessary with open-pored glazes, because the screen printing ink penetrates deeply into the pores and colours the surface. The screen printing inks we use are two-component, if the two components have reacted with each other or after complete curing they cannot be dissolved again, not even with water, alcohol or cleaning agents.

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Standing table round with umbrella holder and advertising print

Standing table Afri Cola

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Standing table with umbrella stand for parasol,
advertising print and galvanized scissor frame.

The standing table is foldable, has a suspended holder for parasols. The holder is movable and automatically folds into the correct position after installation to place the parasol from above through the hole in the table top into the parasol holder. Folded together, these high tables with only 6 cm space requirement are extremely space-saving and fit in large numbers in transport racks or transport trolleys.

Transport boxes or transport trolleys with tilt protection are available as options for our high tables.

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  • Article number: Standing table with umbrella holder
  • Height of installation: 110 cm
  • Tabletop: Three layer spruce wood board in anthracite

Marquee set with advertising print Warsteiner

Marquee set Warsteiner with logo
tent set round with Warsteiner advertising print

tent set round with advertising print,
because the customer demanded an exact writing this advertisement was applied with two stencils. With the application of advertisement with stencils bridges must be inserted into the writings and motives thereby from the stencil no parts fall out. If desired, the webs can be almost completely removed with a second correction template.

  • Table diameter: 120cm
  • Seats: 9 persons
  • Bench lengths: 140 cm
  • Bench width: 32cm
  • Total diameter: 205cm
  • Table width: 50 cm, 58 cm, 70 cm or 80 cm

Screen printing

screen printed bench
Screen printing

Bench with printed back

Standing table with digital print

Screen printed bench
Screen printing

Fixed bench with printed back

Standing table with digital print

Digital printing
Digital printing

Labelling with stencil

Labeled plate for high table
Labeled plate for bar table

Our bar tables and marquee sets can be marked with templates.
The manufacturing costs of a stencil start at 50 Euro. Each print costs you, in this case, only 1 Euro.
example: If you buy 20 standing tables from us and want to have them marked with a stencil, then the stencil costs from 50 Euro and the printing 20 Euro, in total the entire advertising on 20 standing tables costs only 70 Euro.

Standing table with digital print on the table top 80cm

Wooden tabletop for high table printed
Wood top for high table printed

Newly we have the possibility to digitally print even small quantities and single copies, individually in high resolution quality. Any photo with an extremely high resolution can be printed on the plates of our marquee sets and bar tables.

Labelling of the reverse side with screen printing

silkscreen on back
Screen printing on the back

These marquee sets were printed with a non-abrasive ink on the back for identification purposes. Screen printing ink is very suitable for the marking of marquee furniture, because this ink becomes soft with movement and can be sanded off very badly. We are happy to use a brand stamp or stencil provided by you. However, we are of the opinion that if you are already doing the work then it is better to do it on the front side. Ordinary advertising prints these also mark your tent sets Standing tables Stools and round tables.

Sticker painted in

Stickers varnished
sticker painted in

Our three-layer wooden boards, for bar tables and tent sets, can be covered with advertising. The sticker is then literally sunk into the paint, i.e. thickly painted over. Thus one avoids, unsightly departure of the stickers, beginning at the edges.

Interchangeable advertising

scratch-resistant advertising under plexiglass
scratch-resistant advertising under Plexiglas

This advertising print, under plexiglass is interchangeable.
It can be individually printed, for example, with a standard laser or inkjet printer. The polyethylene plate, with advertising from any printing process, is under a Plexiglas plate fastened with stainless steel screws. It is recessed into the tabletop, which is milled with a CNC milling machine, so that the surface forms a smooth plane.