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Our production especially high-quality and thus also especially stable table and benches sets is characterised by a careful and high-quality choice of materials. For table and benches sets and bar tables (with wooden boards) we use only three-layer wooden boards and frames with material thicknesses of up to 10 mm. This ensures break resistance in longitudinal and transverse direction.

Table and benches sets

Table and benches sets with back teak

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Our assortment: from the classic bench ...

In the detailed view you will find various production examples of our table and benches sets. Benches and tables from our own production in real brewery quality with different table lengths, table widths and different table frames. Benches are available with and without backrests, we also offer fittings for table and benches sets or wooden plates for sale.

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Each of our table and benches sets with different frames, shapes, heights, colours and sizes has its special advantages, e.g.

  • four leg tables are particularly stable and allow the production of correspondingly large table sets
  • our T-frames offer a lot of legroom
  • and our normal table frames are available in all colours on request

Four-legged tables and tables with T-frame are offered by us only in galvanized variant.

The lacquered frames for our table and benches sets are lacquered in a dipping process. The dipping process has the advantage over powder coating and standard spraying that the paint can penetrate down to the smallest gap and even into the hinges. This almost completely prevents the development of rust between gaps and hinges. The development of rust in the hinges of the frames of a table and benches set can, under certain circumstances, lead to a very unsightly leakage of rust.

The following Standing tables are available from stock with the following scissor standing table frame designs.

Standing tables folding different variants

  • Standard table frame made of stainless steel
  • Standing table frame galvanized
  • Standing table frame black galvanized
  • Standing table frame powder-coated black
  • standing table frame powder-coated white
  • Standing table frame yellow zinc plated ( only on order

Standing tables, bistro tables and stools

Standing tables gastronomy no.02

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Folding tables with unbreakable table tops
made of wood and polyethylene

High quality foldable, particularly space-saving bar tables with a table diameter of up to 120 cm. Four different materials for table tops are available: three-layer unbreakable spruce and Douglas fir wood, plastic tops made of polyethylene and high-density fibreboard coated with plastic. The high-density fibreboards are identical to worktops for kitchens. The standing table frames are galvanised steel frames or galvanised + powder-coated. Standing table frames made of stainless steel are also available. Each standing table is also available with umbrella holder or umbrella stand.

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Garden tables and garden furniture

  • rotary tables from 80cm to 130cm
  • square garden tables 75cm X 75cm
  • Rectangular garden tables 120cm X 75cm
  • Garden chairs
  • Garden benches

Garden tables, garden furniture and patio furniture

Picnic & garden table examples

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Our assortment of garden furniture and folding furniture

Garden furniture in various designs with Robinia wood. garden furniture is basically also table and benches furniture, but most normal furniture is not suitable for gardens and gastronomy. All chairs, armchairs, benches and tables are folding furniture with a gravel strip and can therefore be stored in a very space-saving way.

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Our terrace furniture range is suitable for the professional furnishing of gardens, terraces and guest rooms with and without roofing. Also ideal as a combination with our table and benches sets. The multiple glazed Robinia wood of the terrace furniture as well as the galvanized steel frames make these also suitable for permanent outdoor use. Of course, the terrace furniture can also be folded up and stored in a very space-saving way.

We offer you both round and square terrace tables as well as various terrace chairs and armchairs with which you can assemble your garden furniture according to your personal taste. Standing tables with different umbrella holders and bases are also available.