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Shorter table sets with fixed benches and tables

For all table and benches sets with a length of less than 164 cm, the frames at the tables must be folded over one another. The four-legged tables are excluded. We decided to make the elevation with a three-layer, glued and screwed wooden plate and a shortened frame. This variant is particularly stable, stackable and absolutely suitable for professional use.

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Table and bnches sets no.118 Table and benches set No.118 Bench set short clear lacquered fittings green Table and benches set 110cm Brewery sets short in brewery quality Brewery sets half no.118 short table and benches set clear varnished Detailed view marquee set diagonal Marquee set 110 cm long Marquee set 118 clear lacquered

Short brewery set folded

The benches are 27 cm wide, if you stack these benches two benches are 4 cm wider than the table. As an alternative to the 50 cm wide tables, 54 cm wide tables can also be supplied. In principle, all bench and table widths can be supplied. The most frequently bought benches are 25 cm, 27 cm and 29 cm the matching tables are 25 cm, 27 cm and 29 cm.

Marquee set 118 stacked Marquee set suitable for garniture no.118 short table side view 118

  • Article number: No. 118
  • Seats: 4 persons
  • Length: 110cm
  • Bench width: 27cm
  • Table width: 50cm

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