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High square flat head screws and ribbed screws for table and benches sets

For pub, picnic and bar table and benches sets, various screws can be used to fasten the fittings. Because the support of the table and bench frames is very narrow, the wooden plates should be screwed through. Tilting the brackets can loosen the screw connection. This does not apply to our frame variants with iron plates, these can be screwed on one side from below and have at least the same strength. Snap locks also have a large contact surface and can be fastened without hesitation from below with chipboard screws and never become loose. We use this type of fastening for snap locks on bar tables and stools. However, this would also be a very good and high-quality variant for table and benches sets


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Rib screw and flat-head screw for table sets Ribbed screw for table and benches sets flat-head screw DIN 605 for benches Table screw DIN 605 four ribbed screws table and benches set Ribbed Screws wit stop nuts

Flat head screws and ribbed screws with nuts for table and benches sets

Our galvanized flat-head screws are ideal for fixing the frames for benches and tables. Until the 90's lock bolts with round head were used. The flat-head screws with high square neck DIN 605 have since been specially manufactured for the production of brewery fittings, but are usually not available on the market. The ribbed screw with flat head is specially produced for us, minimum order 6000 kg. Ribbed screws are optimal when using stop nuts, because they cannot turn when tightened due to the ribs.

Rib screws and flat head screws with nuts for table and benches sets

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