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Galvanised transport frame for folding bar tables with infinitely adjustable anti-tipper.

The transport frame is galvanized, it can be loaded with up to 16 folding bar tables. A stepless lock at the top and bottom ensures that nothing can tip over during transport, even if the transport box is not completely filled. At each corner there is a foot in the shape of a skid. This runner is suitable for picking up the transport frame with the fork of a forklift truck. However, it can also be picked up lengthwise or crosswise with a narrow lift truck.

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Transport box standing tables Transport rack transport pallet standing tables galvanized Transportbox anti-tipping-unit for standing tables tilt-safety standing table transport rack bottom

The transport frame can be converted into a transport trolley.

The feet or skids are not welded directly to the transport box. The feet are welded on an iron plate with holes which are screwed onto the frame. The drilling pattern of the iron plate is identical to that of standard heavy-duty castors. This has the advantage that the feet can be exchanged against rollers, you then have a transport trolley.

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