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The table frames with legroom are fastened from below without continuous bolting.

The table frames with legroom are welded to an iron plate, are fastened from below without continuous screwing and are available in three different heights. When folded, this table frame has a length of 71.5 cm, which means you need at least a table length of 143 cm to be able to fold the table legs without one table frame folding onto the other when folding. In order to attach a stacking bar, another two times three centimeters of space are needed. After folding, we recommend a distance of at least three centimetres from one frame to the other to prevent the risk of injury when folding. For optical reasons and so that the table can be lifted at the head end without the stacking strip or the frame between the fingers, we recommend a distance of at least 6 centimetres to the stacking strip. Taken together, this results in a minimum table length of approx. 164 cm.

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T-shaped table frame with 71 cm installation height Model 229 Beertal-table-frames model 229 with legroom table frames black powder-coated model 229 table frame model 229 mounted and folded table frame model 229 mounted

T-shaped table frames in combination for short table and benches sets.

The left table leg is our table frame no. 229 with a total height of 71.5 mm. Under the left frame and also under the snap lock for the left frame a wooden bar with approx. 30 mm was screwed, so the table leg together with the screwed on wooden bar has a total height of 74 cm and folds parallel over the other frame when folding. On the right side our table frame no. 223 is welded with triangular iron plate and switch lock. Both frames are then the same height, the table is straight and can be folded without restrictions.

table frame model 223 right and model 229 left mounted

  • Table frame: Model 229
  • Height without table top: 71,5 cm
  • Length of the foot: 50 cm
  • Overall column width: 11 cm

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