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Floor protectors for table and benches sets with backrest and tables with our table frame in T-shape

Floor protectors for table and benches sets with backrests are a combination of our standard floor protectors in the front and for the rear. This combination only fits on table and benches sets with backrest supplied by us. A suitable floor protector set is put together individually by us. When assembling the floor protectors for hooking on, please note that there are left and right ones. Example: For a marquee set with backrest and standard table frame you need model no. 159 four times, model no. 199 four times on the left and four times on the right. For a table and benches set with backrest and table with table frame in T-shape you need eight floor protectors No.159, two floor protectors 199 left and two right. Both variants of the floor protectors sit firmly and do not fall off even with heavy use. The floor protectors for the overturning are somewhat thinner in application, thereby a slight inclination develops with benches with backrest to the rear, this is however less than two degrees.

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Floor protector benches & table sets right bottom cover table and benches sets left bottom covering tables bottom cover for overturning Bottom covering table frame legroom

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